The WCSMP was developed 11 years ago and has served over 80 children to date. It was inspired by the Dorv Breitenfeldt Successful Stuttering Management Program (SSMP) a program designed for adolescents and adults. The WCSMP was then crafted by Tom Gurrister who has specialized in the treatment of stuttering for over 25 years. Utilizing his extensive clinical experience and current practices in childhood stuttering treatment he has created an effective intensive children’s stuttering program.

We assist the child in accepting their stuttering, learning to manage it with the best tools and how to transfer and generalize the skills to their home and community. The best way to do this is with both individual and group treatment, a focus on social skills, and therapy in a variety of functional settings. We also train and include the parents in their child’s treatment plan. This is a fun summer camp in a supportive environment where participants find solidarity in one another. The ‘esprit de corp’ and power of the group allows them to make progress that is unique to this approach.



The majority of participants range from ages 9-12 but some exceptions can be made depending on a case by case basis. This program offers a unique perspective and opportunity to address this crucial stage of social skills development in this age group. 

Stuttering Severity

This program is designed to address all levels of stuttering. 

Other Disorders

If your child has been diagnosed with significant co-existing disorders, this program may not be appropriate.  Please contact us directly to discuss your child's individual needs.  


Meet the therapists that work hard to ensure that each program is a valuable experience.

Tom Gurrister

Co-Founder & Stuttering Specialist

Tom is the founder of Wasatch Speech and Language Center.  He received his Masters degree from the University of Utah and has been in practice for over 25 years.  He received post graduate training in the evaluation and treatment of stuttering disorders at Northwestern University.  He has been board certified in fluency disorders/ stuttering since 2002.  Tom has been invited to speak at the International Fluency Association in Denmark, the Oxford Dysfluency Conference, Oxford University, England, the National Stuttering Association and at the American Speech and Hearing Association conferences.  His work and contributions to the treatment of childhood and adult stuttering have been recognized by researchers in the field of fluency disorders.  He was the director of the University of Utah Successful Stuttering Management Program for seven years.

Maria Gurrister

Co-Founder  M.S. CCC-SLP

Maria has been a practicing speech language pathologists for 23 years.  She received her Masters degree from the University of Utah and received post graduate training in fluency disorders at the University of Iowa.  Her primary area of interest is neurogenic communication disorders in children and adults.  She practiced for 11 years at the University of Utah Medical Center with a focus in swallowing disorders, acquired speech and language disorders (stroke, traumatic brain injury) within the acute care setting of the hospital.  She was an integral part of the neurology and neurosurgery team, as well as the development of the acute care speech pathology service.  

She left to join Wasatch Speech and Language Center in 2001 to bring her clinical skills to the pediatric population. She specializes and enjoys working with non-verbal children, children with motor speech disorders, including the treatment of the disordered 'r' sound in children, as well as language and auditory processing disorders.  She co-developed the social communication programs that Wasatch Speech and Language Center offers in the summer months.  Maria also co-founded the Wasatch Children's Stuttering Management Program in 2006. Maria has been invited to speak at the Oxford Dysfluency Conference, Oxford University, England.

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The program costs include meals, admission to all events, and all provided materials.
Financial assistance may be available to those demonstrating financial need.
Those who complete the program will receive two half-priced follow up treatment sessions.

Please contact us for more information about tuition. 


For participants who are not local to the area, Wasatch will assist you in choosing accommodations for the duration of the program.

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