The 2019 Summer Children's Stuttering Program Begins July 29th-August 3rd

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The 2018 Stuttering Program Group

This week-long day treatment program based in Salt Lake City, Utah, is an intensive stuttering camp aimed at helping individuals learn, practice, and transfer skills to manage their stuttering in the real world.

Nicole Saslow

"I have two sons who both stutter. The benefit that both my sons get from each summer intensive workshop and therapy with Tom and Maria Gurrister is simply amazing."


The Wasatch Children's Stuttering Management Program is focused on providing participants with valuable techniques to not only manage their stuttering but also develop social skills to give them the confidence to communicate in all situations.


Through stuttering management comes acceptance of stuttering as a challenge that is amenable to change. Fluency is a byproduct, not the ultimate goal. The focus is to decrease avoidance, substitution, and struggle and to improve overall communication skills and the willingness to enter all speaking situations with a positive attitude.


A comprehensive diagnostic evaluation is used to identity your child's core behaviors and secondary characteristics of their stuttering. We also asses your child's attitude towards communication. From this evaluation a treatment plan is formulated to address the unique needs of your child as they progress through the program. Your child is paired with a clinician based on those needs. The stuttering is addressed in a combination of individual therapy and group treatment.


The program affords daily opportunities in a variety of challenging social situations that are rewarding and beneficial. In this way, children learn to transfer and generalize stuttering management skills to the real world.


The program includes, educates, and trains parents about the nature of stuttering and their role in supporting the changes and practice that need to take place for optimal success. The parents are included in this process throughout the program with an orientation meeting, daily home assignments, and a maintenance plan provided at the end of the program.


Supervised by ASHA Board Certified Stuttering and Fluency Disorders Specialist, Tom Gurrister, this program provides your child with experienced, well-trained stuttering clinicians.

A Day in the Program

Every day is a new experience but follows the same structure. We begin with group introductions and daily goals before heading into smaller groups to practice techniques and then engage in a social activity. We finish the day together with a wrap up and game plan  for the following day.

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Stuttering Services

Wasatch Speech and Language Center is a full service clinic, specializing in the evaluation and treatment of stuttering of all ages, pre-school to adult. We offer individual and group treatment for stutterers year round in addition to the children's stuttering program. 

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